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The OpenSpace 2.1 trial edition allows you to test the engine, framework and map editor for as long as you wish. You get all the features and documentation available in the commercial release with the only limitation of 15x15 maps and a small logo hovering on one corner of the viewport.

The basic requirements to test OpenSpace are different depending on which product of the SmartFoxServer family is used for development:

SmartFoxServer 2X

  • either Adobe Flex Builder 3 (and higher) or Adobe Flash CS3 (and higher);
  • SmartFoxServer 2X, any version (download it here).

SmartFoxServer PRO

  • either Adobe Flex Builder 2.0.1 (and higher) or Adobe Flash CS3 (and higher);
  • SmartFoxServer PRO version 1.6.8 or later (download it here).

One step download

You are one step away from downloading the trial. Please fill the simple form on the right side. The name and email data will not be given away to any third parties or companies.


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Download previous OpenSpace version (1.x)

OpenSpace version 1.x is still available for developers that are not interested in advanced features such as runtime map editing and server-side integration. It offers a simple, yet powerful, tool for creating your own virtual worlds.

OpenSpace 1.x trial never expires and comes with a few limitations:

OpenSpace 1 is compatible with SmartFoxServer PRO only (download it here). You can download the OpenSpace 1 trial version by clicking the following Get it button.

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