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The Background editor allows map designers to generate the backgrounds and foregrounds to be added to maps in the Map editor. Backgrounds and foregrounds can be made of one or more separate parts: this approach allows creating larger composite images exceeding the Adobe Flash limits.
Backgrounds and foregrounds are described in depth in the The map structure tutorial.
In the following paragraphs, the term background is used, but all the provided informations refer to foregrounds too.

A list of available background parts is shown below the Properties panel. This list is generated automatically by the OpenSpace Editor as soon as one or more SWF library files are added to the project using the specific functionality of the SWFs manager.

Background properties

A background is defined by the following properties.

id The background’s unique id, automatically generated by the Editor.
The b prefix stands for background.
columns | rows The size of the background expressed in number of parts that constitute it, horizontally and vertically respectively.
colWidth | rowHeight The size (width and height respectively) of the parts that constitute the background. All parts must have the same size, otherwise clipping will occur.
cache If true, the cacheAsBitmap property of all background parts is set to true; default value is false.

If the background contains vector graphics, this property should always be set to true, unless the graphics are animated continuously (but this is highly discouraged, due to possible performance issues); if the background contains bitmap graphics, this attribute should be set to false to avoid unnecessary memory usage.

title The background’s name displayed in the backgrounds library.
keywords The keywords that describe the background, useful to filter the backgrounds library. All the keywords must be separated by a comma.

Adding parts to a background

A background part can be added to the currently edited background by selecting its destination (a cell of the grid) and:

  • double clicking the part's name in the library on the right; or
  • selecting the part in the library and then pressing the Add part to background button.

When clicking on a background part in the preview area, a selection highlighter appears. To remove the part click the X icon in the top-right corner of the highlighter, or press the CANC key on the keyboard.

Preview settings

The Show grid checkbox shows and hides the grid separating the background parts.

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