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The Skin editor allows map designers to generate the skins to be applied to tiles in the Tile editor. Skins are described in depth in the The map structure tutorial.
Skins can be generated automatically in the SWFs manager. See the relative documentation for more informations.

Skin properties

A skin is defined by the following properties.

id The skin’s unique id, automatically generated by the Editor.
The s prefix stands for skin.
className The Class name entered in the Linkage properties of the skin sprite/movieclip during its creation in Adobe Flash; the class must be selected in the dropdown among those retrieved automatically by the SWFs manager when the SWF files containing them are loaded.
cache If true, the cacheAsBitmap property of the skin is set to true; default value is false.

If the skin contains vector graphics, this property should always be set to true, unless the graphics are animated continuously (but this is highly discouraged, due to possible performance issues); if the skin contains bitmap graphics, this attribute should be set to false to avoid unnecessary memory usage. In case of a mixed situation, for example a skin containing a bitmap house and a vector animated door, as the door animation is not continuous (usually it opens when the avatar is in front of it, or when the user clicks it) and its dimensions are small with respect to the house bitmap, the cache attribute should be set to true.

hOffset | vOffset The skin's horizontal and vertical offsets with respect to the (0,0) coordinates of the tile (see the The map structure tutorial). In case the skin is added to a tile with top elevation greater than 0, the (0,0) coordinates of the top base are taken into account for skin alignment.
These properties can be set by changing the values in the Properties panel or by dragging the skin in the preview area directly.
title The skin’s name displayed in the skins library.
keywords The keywords that describe the skin, useful to filter the skins library. All the keywords must be separated by a comma.

Preview settings

Using the Show tile mockup checkbox it is possible to show/hide a reference tile that can be useful to properly set the position that the skin will have once added to a tile using the Tile editor.

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