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The SWFs manager is the starting point of any new OpenSpace project. This tool allows map designers to quickly import skins and background/foreground parts they've created with Adobe Flash, and use them in the Skin editor and Background editor tools respectively.

Tiles' skins and background/foreground parts constitute the graphical assets required to build maps in OpenSpace. These assets are movieclips or sprites contained in one or more SWF files. Each asset must have a unique Class name set in its Linkage properties, while the Base Class must be flash.display.MovieClip or flash.display.Sprite. Using sprites instead of movieclips is highly recommended for performance and memory usage reasons.

Once the SWF library files are ready, they can be imported in the Editor by dragging them in the boxes on the left of the SWFs manager, as shown in the image above. The lists on the right of the boxes show the imported files, together with their paths and the number of valid classes definitions that could be found. File paths should not change, or the Editor won't be able to locate the required classes anymore. In case you need to change the path of one or more files, you will have to edit the .osp file manually.

When a file in one of the two lists is selected, the classes it contains are listed on the right. Of course the names listed are the Class names assigned to the graphical assets in the Flash authoring environment.
If a SWF file containing tiles' skins is highlighted, you are then allowed to select one or more classes in the list: by clicking the Auto-generate skins button it is possible to make the Skin editor generate the respective skins automatically. Otherwise you will need to generate them manually. The Cache checkbox allows setting the cacheAsBitmap property of the generated skins to true (see the Skin editor for more informations).

In case more classes are added to the managed SWF files at a later time, they can be "seen" by the Editor by simply closing and reloading the project: they will then appear in the right list when the respective SWF file is selected.

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