December 15, 2022
Best Ways to Start Playing Axie Infinity for Free

In the economy of what axie infinity game is all about, Sky Mavis, the official developer of the game, has unveiled the long gestation period of the game. Moreover, the free-to-play game version called the axie infinity: the Origin has served its purpose well. It can also become a top-to-bottom approach to rethink this entire game. It comes with an entirely new set of mechanics that ensures the game is now more approachable for the mainstream audience. 

According to a published update b the axie infinity game‘s substack, the Lunacian, the game is a fast-paced new design with more interactiveness and engagement. The players feel more sense of ownership and control over these axies of axie infinity game, starting with the three they initially have. These axies can also move immediately to the Trainers to play their cards. The opposing trainers can take a sequential turn while using their cards to play against an opposing team. 

At the same time, the choice of cards can come simultaneously with each round of the battle in question. Meanwhile, they can easily remove any random critical hit from the combat stage while replacing it with any above-card play mechanics within the system. But the real question is, where are these starter Axies that a new player can find and start the game with? or better still, are there free starter axies within the Axie Infinity: Origin game?

Getting Starter Axies for Free in the Axie Infinity: the Origin Environment

When starting to play the game, the first thing to note is that each player needs at least three different Axies to begin the game. Moreover, the original version of the game also offers some new power-ups, referred to as the Runes and the Charms. These two features provide the buffs to your Axies. Of course, the features need to be crafted using the off-chain resources that we dealt with in another article. 

In other words, these features are not strictly NFT-based, so they are referred to as off-chain resources. But then, the Runes and the Charms are easily offered later. The earlier article also explained that the initial SLP burning mechanism of sourcing for Axies is well incorporated into the game’s Origin version. Three started Axies will be provided for all the players to begin the game when playing on the off-chain platform

Best Ways to Start Playing Axie Infinity for Free

However, according to the Sky Marvis, each player must note that the state axies are not really NFTs, so do not qualify to earn SLP. Although this fact can change tomorrow, it still holds as of today. On the other hand, as a trainer within the game space, you can earn more starter Axies even as the game goes through the adventure mode and the players exhaust their starter packs in the PvP play. The more experienced the trainers can use the existing Axie in the version.

At the end of the first quarter in 2022, the alpha phase of the game launch commences immediately. And every interested player can easily take a cue from the game platform and even download it while they can. There are two downloadable sources. They can download from the Sky Marvis’ Hub itself or through an Android APK version in the store. 

How to Start Playing Axie Infinity for Free

The Axie Infinity represents a classic play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows players to battle, collect, and raise a kingdom. They can also build the empire by increasing communities to gain virtual lands as a kingdom for their pets and assets. It also follows a turn-based strategy through a Role-Playing Game (RPG) with the likes of Pokemon games that had preexisted. There are some ways to begin to play Axie Infinity.

But the major constraint to playing has been the funding part, where you have to pull resources to buy your starter team. A typical starter pack includes three healthy axies, which follows a reasonable amount of money. As an alternative, you can follow the Axie Infinity Scholarship Guide, which is an excellent way to learn how to play the game for free and get your starter pack at least. 

Best Ways to Start Playing Axie Infinity for Free

Axie Infinity Scholarships Programs

Registering for the Axie Scholarships program is one sure way to get starter axies and play the game without any funds. Since you know you will need three Axies from the marketplace where they are sold, you need someone who can afford them. Meanwhile, a single axie may cost nothing less than USD 200, equivalent to 0.06 wETH, a wrapped Ethereum, and above. When a player or investor provides for this high upfront cost of playing the game, it draws the attention of the Axie trainers to converge and form an Axie Lending Program. It also allows new players who are willing to play but have no funds to try their hands on the game before buying their own. 

Relatedly, we must realize that the Axies are not always expensive, which makes many teachers get worn out with hundreds of Axies for each player. The players and their assets can also remain relevant in the gameplay. Meanwhile, many trainers have gathered hundreds of axies as early players while playing the game. On the other hand, the others have some axies that they are not playing with. 

How Axie Scholarships work

The axie scholarships are the program where the owners of the gathered axies loan them out to those willing to play but have no axies. The two parties agree on the rate and percentage of profit sharing when they do. Therefore, the process begins with the current trainer with the extra axies creating a separate account from their account. They use this account for the new trainers and provide all the login details of the latest version.

Next, they deposit the three axies that the new player requires to start his game. When the new trainer is ready, he can now use these three axies to begin his adventure in the game. The trainers start to care for, breed, and raise these axies while earning different valuable resources. Also, the classic reward is the Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which comes along the way. SLPs can also be used to upgrade and breed the Axies within the game system and upgrade the attacking power of the axies.