December 15, 2022
How Axie Infinity Became One of the Best in the Blockchain Industry

Since its launch in 2018, axie infinity, developed by the Vietnamese developer Sky Mavis, has become the main game that has impacted the crypto blockchain. axie infinity game provides available jobs for intending full-timers and places its entry-level at $1000. Axie Infinity has, since its inception, allowed players to earn money from playing the game and making it available for an audience to see. 

However, a new addition to this trend, thanks to tokenomics, is that blockchain technology can now power digital games. A model for doing that with success is the axie infinity NFT game. Users can now get a real money reward for their real money investment. No longer is their time playing digital games a waste. We have more than 360,000 concurrent players on the axie infinity gaming platform. 

How Axie Games Became Popular 

How did the NFT game become one of the biggest in the blockchain market? Here are some of the secrets behind that feat. In June 2021, many players earned massively from the crypto game and, in turn, generated almost $780 million just within thirty days. After a month, axie infinity surprisingly had more income than Bitcoin and Ethereum in only seven days. 

This astounding height has made other organizations follow suit after axie infinity to own and earn on a large scale from their NFT game. A way to earn money on the platform is to breed in-game creatures called Axies using crypto, mint them as NFTs, and sell them to other players.

One of the significant factors behind axie infinity’s drive in just five years is the power of attraction that it has gained from NFT games and its ownership. Axie Infinity is fast becoming a model for game developers as the NFT game has become a popular career for players. 

How To Join The Game

Signing up for the axie infinity game is not that easy. First, it requires setting up various accounts and cryptocurrency wallets, including Ronin Wallet, Ethereum Wallet, and an Infinity account. These processes have their unique way of seamless benefits to earning big.  

Due to this high cost of the entry process, many players have lost out on participating opportunities. Although the upfront payment on how to become a player is around $1000 today, the game has also provided scholarship opportunities for its intended players. This scholarship offer allows players to rent out Axies to newbies when they cannot afford the registration fee. 

The quality that axie infinity provides grows in its rarity and reality. In 2020, one of the uncommon Axie was sold for 300 ETH. That transaction was worth 130,000 USD and was the most expensive Axie sold in the game.

How Axie Infinity Became One of the Best in the Blockchain Industry

Buying and Selling is a significant way to buy through the Axies marketplace. There are three currencies; Axie Infinity Shard, Therum and Smooth Love Portion. The marketplace shows that as of 2021, over 2 million Axies were sold out to the people, which earned them a whopping sum of $683.90. In the same year, Axie achieved the best record of the costliest at 300ETH. 

Interestingly, there are countless opportunities for players to earn an income apart from buying and selling but by also completing daily quests, fighting and defeating monsters, keeping other players as beatings, and users can also receive SLPs rewards. 

The Appeal of the Axie Infinity Game

Players who engage with this platform can own their own Axie NFTs, which they can raise to become a formidable community. After then, they can resell these NFT assets or exchange them for other rewards through the Axie marketplace. But before the player reaches this point, he has to begin the gameplay with an essential investment involving buying three axies from the market. When this game was initially launched in 2018, axies were far cheaper.

Anyone with as low as 10 USD could create a profile on the game and even buy all three needed axies. But fast forward to this present time, the prices of these assets have far risen in the market, affecting the initial investment an entry-level player puts in. now, a new user will have between 200 and 300 USD for each axie. These players can buy the axies directly from the dedicated marketplace or secondary marketplaces like Binance and Kraken. 

Furthermore, the value of the axies continues to increase as it increases in rarity, leading to a significant rise in value. As of 2020, a rare species of Axies has been sold for close to 300 ETH, worth about 130,000 USD. Of course, it was the most expensive axie sold in the game back then. Since the entry-level barrier has been raised, many people who would have loved to try out the game have to think twice to be sure they want to do this. 

How Axie Infinity Became One of the Best in the Blockchain Industry

Conclusion – Be Inspired

The risen popularity of the axie infinity indicates that many other companies and organizations can begin to emulate the game’s success for their own NFT game. At the same time, in a broader sense, the success teaches that NFT games can effectively bridge the gap between the finance and the entertainment industries. It also gained more attention and focused on pushing more developers to start working on other NFT games to flood the digital marketplace. 

The success of axie infinity is also a huge inspiration to anyone looking to build a successful NFT game on the blockchain network. Not only was the success accrued to a centralized platform, but the decentralization of data means that each player owns all the in-game assets. In addition, they can also serve as the driving force for the game economy. And as more people join the network and it gains popularity, the NFT tokens will become more valuable in the next few years.

Therefore, one can begin to look into the direction of this trend and begin to launch an NFT game like axie infinity. And as an investor, it inspires anyone to put in money to make profits. Even if you don’t want to play the game yourself, the Axie scholarships make that possible. In the scholarship, you can be the investor or manager where there is another person who is the scholar and plays the game to share profits with the manager. 

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