December 15, 2022
Powerful framework for the Flash platform

A powerful framework for the Flash platform for rapid development of isometric multiplayer virtual worlds and MMO communities. The engine leverages the power of ActionScript 3 and SmartFoxServer, offering an unprecedented level of features and customizations to make your virtual world look unique.

The creation of advanced map architectures, including bridges and overpasses, with separate background layer for the best control over the map graphical appearance; it offers an advanced map scrolling engine which maximizes the rendering performance and allows the creation of larger maps. It makes use of an extended breadth-first pathfinding algorithm which is able to handle tile elevation, slopes and different terrains; it gives the developer full control over the avatar creation process, disclosing countless possibilities.

Powerful framework for the Flash platform

Starting from version 2, the features have been largely improved. The new engine now extends the control over the viewport and its scrolling, enables players to edit maps at runtime, introduces a totally new inventory system, increases the control over Non-Player Characters, improves the avatar structure and the map interaction capabilities of the players, brings new useful features to the Editor, and much more.

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