December 15, 2022
The most creative and successful web based virtual worlds

Some of the most creative and successful nft gaming virtual worlds from all corners of the real world. The following is a selection of some of the most significant works that have been launched recently.

The Settlers – My City

Author: Blue Byte / Ubisoft

The Settlers – My City is Blue Bytes new addition to “The Settlers” series, now playable on Facebook.

Build the most beautiful looking cities and prosperous productions with this nft gaming. Explore the wide regions of the surrounding sectors and find new resources. Invite your friends and help each other build thriving economies. Solve quests with the help of your friends. Become the ruler of your own blossoming kingdom!

The most creative and successful web based virtual worlds

Petpet Park

Author: Nickelodeon

Launched in 2009, Petpet Park is Nickelodeon’s newest virtual world made for kids 8-11 years old.

The Park is an immersive environment focused around Neopets’ trusted pet companions, Petpets. In Petpet Park, kids can adopt, customize and care for one of six species, explore the Park, help locals with jobs, nft gaming together, make new Pals and participate in daily Park life rich with events and storylines.

Città Del Calcio / Football Village

Author: E-Calcio

Football Village is a virtual world that aims to gather the largest online football community.

Not only a community, but also an educational platform which revolves around the world of football, featuring single player and multiplayer nft gaming, realtime sport news from all over the world, live scores and results from more than 100 football leagues, football stats and informations, live videochat with football stars, etc…

The most creative and successful web based virtual worlds


Author: Plazz Entertainment

AT.LANT.IS is a multiplayer community for children set in an engaging underwater realm, filled with mythological references to ancient cultures and lost civilizations.

Bottle Bugz

Author: Hidden Pixel
Bottle Bugz is an animated virtual world fully integrated with Facebook and with highly complex functionalities… Can you save Bug World from the evil Corporation-X???

Download Bottle Bugz via Google Play.

Winx Club: The Online Game

Author: Rainbow
Winx Club: The Online Game is a multiplayer game that lets everyone enter the Winx cartoon characters magic world and live an engaging social experience.

Players can fully customize their own avatars, have a house and buy a countless set of cool dresses and accessories.

The most creative and successful web based virtual worlds

The Mapoosa Clan

Author: Callystro

Mapoosa embeds school learning in a highly entertaining environment, thus removing the pressures associated with conventional learning. It extends a child’s learning time without adding additional burden.

Create your own avatar and explore the mad, mad world of Mapoosa! Exciting nft gaming, earn Poosos – the Mapoosa currency, meet fun characters, collect cool stuff and hang out with friends. Get ready for an adventure of a life time.


Author: Mingoville A/S

Mingoville is a comprehensive English learning community for kids. Based on the concept of Massively-Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG), Mingoville offers an array of fun and interactive educational games.

Through games, interactive exercises and social interaction, children immerse themselves into the English learning environment of the virtual world, where collaboration and communication in English is rewarded with coins that can be spent to personalize an avatar.

Mingoville was developed in cooperation with teachers in order to take advantage of the best practices of innovative pedagogy combined with fun games and exercises.